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  • Version: 1.0.0

Epic strategy game

Epicinium is a strategy game where nature is a limited asset. Is it worth winning a war when you wind up overcoming only earth and debris? As a multiplayer game, it can handle up to 8 players in a chaotic fight. It likewise offers matches among you and its AI system. On account of quick, concurrent turns, you don't sit around idly and hanging tight for your turn. 

Choose between nature or victory 

Epicinium is an action-packed game developed by A Bunch of Hacks. In this world, nature is the limited asset you should oversee. Changing seasons and an Earth-wide temperature boost present distinctive climate impacts that change frequently over the course of a match. Towards the end of the game, the victor is determined through for how much nature remains. Your economy and troops are impacted by the climate and progressively extreme climate impacts. 

Players balance offensive tactics and protection of assets. It is the one action game with a natural twist. Epicinium has an Advanced Wars or Wargroove feel, with players planing their moves than having them act in a specific sequence. All that you do, likewise, influences the climate; from causing contamination or annihilating trees, you'll gradually obliterate the climate, cause firestorms, frostbite, and gradual destruction on both sides. The interactivity has a restricted time span

On the off chance that it keeps going excessively long, the game's clock will show up in each round before it degenerates each tile being decimated. This reason has you question between betting everything for your success or playing all the more moderately to save the climate. For instance, the landscape you are taking cover behind will be devastated while the redesigned structures will create more and more grounded units at a similar cost. 

Unique strategy game premise

Epicinium is an astonishing independent game with an incredible and benevolent team of developers. All that you do likewise influences the climate - from causing contamination or devastating trees - you'll gradually pulverize the climate, causing firestorms, frostbite. As you moderately cross between two sides, you’ll be challenged to keep up, or else each tile will be obliterated.


  • Allows 8 players in free-for-all match
  • Versus-AI skirmish matches
  • Well-balanced selection of buildings and units
  • Challenging but rewarding premise


  • Singular storyline


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Epicinium 1.0.0 for PC


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